Latest technology in Fin production

JDM is proud to announce our latest technology in Fin production, the Inner Circulating Fin-Offloading Machine.
This latest invention overhauls the offloading mechanism of traditional fin collection, offering a safer, easier, and stable fin stacking solution.


1. The ICFOM automatically elevates the fin stack out of pins and then tilt the whole stack for later transportation, significantly reducing labor difficulty in this process.
2. The Fin stacker is installed in a rigid frame, making the fin collection much more stable.
3. The frame of the fin stacker no longer sweeps rotate to offload the fin. Instead, the stacker now circulates inside the frame profile, leaving no potential risk of damage or accident.
4. Such design allows the suction unit to be installed on the stacker frame, thus enabling a near-complete soundproof casing to be installed around the press.
5. The stacker pin can be installed with a fin-layer segregation device for stepped coil production.