Spinning Sheet Flanger

  • Short Description:

    The equipment is used for spinning and flanging sheet metal after opening holes.



    1.High degree of automation 

    2.Convenient operation   

    3.Scale board on servo motor, accurate positioning 

    4.PLC & touch screen integrated control 


    Technical Specificaiton

    Material Material thickness Material length Machining aperture Flange depth
    Galvanized sheet 0.8mm-2.5mm 1600mm*3200mm 250mm-600mm 10mm-70mm
    Stainless steel plate 0.8mm-2.5mm 1600mm*3200mm 250mm-600mm 10mm-70mm
    Aluminum plate 0.8mm-3.5mm 1600mm*3200mm 250mm-600mm 10mm-130mm


    Processing technical parameters:

    Maximum processing speed rate :30 mm / sec

    Maximum speed :200 r/min

    Workpiece compaction :hydrocylinder 

    Spinning and lifting :ydrocylinder 

    Die specifications :According to customer drawings 



  • Where can you ship this equipment to globally?

    Anywhere you desire. We have customers based in many nations in every continents, to name a few: Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Korea.


    How can I get after service from China during and after Covid?

    We have worldwide after service teams based in Europe, Middle East, North America, and South Asia that is able to support our global customers. We also host a multi-lingual speaking team that can provide remote technical support and service from China. When traveling limitation is limited, our technicians can fly to you if necessary.


    What is the general leadtime?

    In-stock machines takes around 10 days to deliver. Standard configuration machines take around 45 to 90 days to deliver. The lead time depends on the size, complexity and destination standards.


    What is the standard of your machine?

    JDM provides CE standard products with CE marks. If required, we can make UL standard products as well.


    How do I know you make good quality machines?

    We have dedicated engineering team, quality team, precise machine tools and ISO9000 Quality system in the company. We provide WEBEX online inspection and onsite checking for customer to inspect the manufacturing.


    What payment and delivery terms do you accept?

    JDM accepts L/C, T/T, Western Union and Cash Payment. We accept EXW, FOB, CIF and other shipping terms.

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